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GreenTec Ecological Homes Ltd,
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April 29, 2012

New site – Timber Frame Passive House in Kinvara

GreenTec Eco Homes are to start work in the coming days at a site in Kinvara, Co. Galway. The house is being built for QE Homes which are bringing a new standard of Kit Homes to the market. QE Homes were not involved directly in the design of this project but have been instructed to adopt their Timber Frame system. The project is typically based on being Formaldehyde Free. The Timber Frame is treated with a natural Borate salt and is constructed without using OSB and Plywood which typically contain formaldehyde in the glues. The walls consist of a product called Paneline and Panelvent, which are wood based products and are free from added formaldehyde glues. Internal finishes are all to consist of formaldehyde free products i.e. natural paints.

Specification on the Project

  • Ground Floor Insulated with Rockfloor Slabs in a cold bridge foundation system that sits formally on the ground U-value 0.15W/m2k
  • Wall Build up of 300mm thick thermally broken stud with cellulose insulation, External face to consist of Cement Render Board, Panelvent and internal face consists of Paneline racking board with service cavity U-value 0.13W/m2k.
  • Roof build up of 400mm thermally broken roof truss with cellulose insulation and service cavity U-value 0.13W/m2k
  • Airtightness level below 0.6 Ach
  • Heating will be from Marble Slab electric heaters.
  • Triple Glazed Alu-clad Unilux Windows.
  • Paul HRV Unit with Maico PVC Free Ducting
  • Biorock Non Electric Treatment Unit
  • Natural Paint Finish throughout
  • All Joinery product to be solid timer treated with a water based varnish including attic trapdoor.

Timber Frame Build-up